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5 Reasons Dog Walking Jobs Can Change Your Life for the Better

More people today are taking on full-time or casual dog walking jobs. There is an increasing demand from pet owners who need assistance in caring for their furry friends. This means there is good money to make in this business.

Aside from the financial gains, there are also other positive effects of doing this job.

1. You work with dogs.

Have you noticed how happy most dog owners are? This is because being around your beloved animals can actually make you happier. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, research also shows that spending time with your furry friends can increase your oxytocin, which is known as the “feel-good” chemical in the brain.

Furthermore, studies indicate that those with pets are less likely to undergo depression. If you are clinically depressed, having an animal companion can decrease your chances of having a depressive episode. This is because you can focus your thoughts and energy on taking care of your pet.

Even those who don’t own dogs can benefit from just interacting with man’s best friend. Studies show it has plenty of good effects on people’s overall health. You get to decrease your stress levels, improve your immunity, and boost your mood. And if you love furry buddies, pet walking jobs allow you to spend several hours with a whole bunch of them every day!

2. You get more exercise.

You’re constantly moving your legs and remaining active, so you’re definitely getting the physical activity you need. It certainly beats sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. If you’re still working in an office and are looking for a good excuse to force yourself to work out more, taking on casual dog walking jobs after work or on weekends will provide that much-needed exercise.

3. You spend more time outdoors.

Do you love getting sunshine and fresh air? Do you enjoy seeing flowers, trees, and grass? Dogs do too, so you’re both definitely spending plenty of time outside when you’re together. In addition, you get to discover more of your town or city if you live in a neighborhood in the Western area and take on a dog walking Eastern suburbs job.

4. You can meet more people and socialize more.

Man’s best friend is naturally sociable and will want to make new friends when bumping into other furry buddies and humans. Saying hi and striking up a conversation with other pet owners or dog walkers will become a natural part of your job. If you’re someone who’s shy and wants to make more friends, casual dog walking jobs are a great way to slowly come out of your shell.

5. You learn more about dogs.

You won’t be just walking your furry buddies, you’re also going to take care of them in other ways while they are under your watch. You can learn more about feeding, nursing, training, and grooming, as well as how to understand their language. These skills will come in handy if you are planning to pursue a career in other areas of pet care.

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