How frequent should you replace oil filters?

Car maintenance is one of the crucial responsibility of any car owner. This makes sure that your car runs at optimal conditions and extends its life for as long as possible. But with a lot of components, there are parts that often get overlooked. One of these is the oil filter⁠, like these ones from https://www.westernfilters.net.au/.


Why change filters at all?


Oil filters play a huge role in keeping your engine in good condition. They prevent debris and particles from entering the engine and causing significant damage. The filtration process works on a simple mechanism. Click here Western Filters


Inside is a paper element that does the actual filtration. This paper element traps unwanted particles as the oil passes through, kind of like how coffee filters work. The oil is pumped inside by the oil pump through an inlet with a valve that prevents backflow. The now filtered oil is then pushed out of the chamber towards the engine.


When the paper element fills up with debris, it gets clogged which makes it harder for the oil to flow. To ensure that the engine still gets oil, filters have what is called a relief valve. This lets oil flow towards the engine, however, this means that the oil is no longer filtered. That is why you need to regularly change filters to avoid getting particles inside the engine. Oil filters⁠, like the ones you can buy here https://www.westernfilters.net.au/⁠, differ from one car manufacturer to another so be sure to get the correct filter for your vehicle.


When to change oil filters?


Because of how filters are made, there are no direct means to know if the filters are clogged other than taking them apart. There are also no light indicators that light up when the filters need changing. But even though you can’t exactly know when a filter gets fully clogged, there are simple guidelines when to change filters.


– Every oil change


A good rule of thumb is to change filters when you do your regular oil change. However, there has been no general conses as to whether this change should be every oil change or every other oil change. This is down to the fact that all vehicles are different and go through wear and tear at different rates. But most independent mechanics recommend changing oil filters every oil change. This ensures that the fresh oil in the system does not flow through dirty filters.


– When driving under harsh conditions


Driving conditions also affect the rate of performance in cars. Driving in tough conditions like extreme weather or pulling heavy loads speeds up the wear and tear of your car engine. Be sure to get the right oil filter for your car. You might need to discuss with your mechanic about this.


– When the check engine light is on


The check engine light can be caused by a myriad of things. This just means that your engine isn’t working optimally. Sometimes this might mean that your engine has a lot of dirt and particles. Changing the filters is a simple and cheap solution to do in these situations. Ruling this possibility out can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.


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