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Why you should have a safety device for your automatic gate

Are you a homeowner? If yes, then you probably have considered installing domestic gates to increase the security of your property.

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Added security is the main reason why property owners want either automatic gates or manual gates and fences installed in their property. Aside from added security, here are the other reasons why homeowners choose to have gates installed:

· Increase your property’s value

· Improve the overall appearance of your curb

· Enhanced safety, especially if you have pets and young children

· Added privacy from your nosy neighbours

· Cheaper home insurance because of increased security

Automatic gates versus manual gates

Now that you have decided to have domestic gates installed in your property, you also have to choose between an automatic gate and a manual gate.

According to automatic gates Sheffield contractors, the main advantage of automatic gates is convenience and added security. With automatic gates, homeowners do not have to leave their cars just to manually open and close their gates. Also, automatic gates add more security to your home because it cannot easily be unlocked by robbers who know how to pick locks.

Importance of safety devices on automatic gates

Choosing electric gates have by far more advantages than manual gates. However, as a homeowner, it is important that your electric gates also have safety devices installed.

When electric gates Derby or Sheffield contractors try to convince you to include installing safety devices, they are not only trying to sell you more products, but they are only trying to keep your family safe. Click here magtecelectricgates.co.uk

Safety devices on electric gates prevent untoward incidents from happening. Automatic gates can weigh as much as 500 lbs and are being automatically moved, so a vehicle, a person or even an animal that goes in between the gates can easily be crushed. Such accidents can easily be prevented when automatic gates have safety devices and are installed properly by professionals.

A competent automatic gates installation company will visit your home and will study the potential risks and hazards that can be caused by an automatic gate. Usually, the installer will look at some of the key hazards such as possible collision, crushing, and electric shock as part of the risk assessment before they can suggest the appropriate electric gate and safety device for your home.

Vehicle sensor loops and photo eyes

Safety devices for electric gates usually include loop detectors and vehicle sensor loops, and photo eyes. Vehicle sensor loops and loop detectors usually detect a moving vehicle; once a vehicle is detected, it stops the gate from closing. Photo eyes, on the other hand, uses beam light and detects motion from humans and animals. Once an animal or human crosses the beam light, the gate automatically moves in reverse.

It may be very tempting not to have safety devices installed on your automatic gates because of the few hundred pounds that you can save. But, it is always not worth the risk. There is always a chance of your family, pets, and friends getting hurt without safety devices being installed on your automatic gates. Also, the financial liability you have to shoulder in case anyone gets hurt by your gate.

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